Can I play Sago Mini School offline?

You bet!

Once you’ve downloaded the Sago Mini School app, you can choose which games you’d like to access offline. While Sago Mini School does not require WiFi or Data to play pre-downloaded games, some form of internet connection is required to download games for future offline play.

You can see which games are currently available for offline play by going to the Parent Icon (top-left) > Topics.

Image from Sago Mini School
  • Grey X - This game is available for offline play. This game is included with our base game download and cannot be uninstalled.
  • Green X - This game is available for offline play. This game can be uninstalled by tapping on the green X icon.
  • Blue download arrow - This game is not available for offline play. To download for offline play, please tap on the blue download arrow. You should then see your download begin. Once ready, the icon will change to a Green X.
  • Red or Orange Triangle - This means something has gone wrong, and your game is unable to be downloaded. Be sure your device has enough space, and you're connected to a reliable network. If you are connected to a Data network, go to "Settings" and turn off "Download over WiFi only," which should fix this issue.

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