My game isn't available offline. Why not?

We're sorry to hear about this!

Some of our games and topics are available automatically to play offline. However, some of our games and topics do need to be downloaded separately to be made available for offline play. To do this, please refer to our article here: Can I play my Piknik Unlimited games offline?, which includes steps on how to download games or topics through our Sago Mini World, Sago Mini School, Sago Mini First Words, Toca Boca Jr and Hair Salon 4 apps.

I downloaded the game/topic, but it's still not available offline. How come?

If you have previously downloaded your games for offline play and they are no longer available, this could be caused by two main reasons, including a recent app update - or - your device may be low on space.

Recently Updated

If the app has recently had a large update, your device may automatically remove all previous content to have a fresh install. This helps ensure the new installation is compatible and avoids conflicts with previously installed content. This also helps ensure the game runs smoothly and helps save space on your device! With this in mind, you may need to reinstall in-game content after a major app update.

Low Device Space

If our game has not recently been updated, but you're finding that your games are being uninstalled, this may be due to low device space. The device may automatically remove in-app content, including our individual games, when the device is running low on storage to maintain this storage space. If this is the case, we recommend uninstalling any unused apps to help create more space on the device, which should fix this issue.

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