What is Magic Camera?

Ever wanted to hang out with your Sago Mini pals in real life? Now you can! Just open the Magic Camera game inside of Sago Mini World, point your camera at a flat, clear surface and wait until Robin arrives! Tap the 'hints' to uncover delightful animations, surprises and fun! Perfect for encouraging storytelling and spatial awareness, Magic Camera makes parent/child co-play so much fun. Magic Camera is free to use, even if you aren't subscribed to Sago Mini World! (Our gift to you!) 

Tips and tricks

  • For maximum fun, use the Magic Camera in a well-lit location with a flat, clear surface like a table or empty floor.
  • Little hands can sometimes cover the camera without realizing it. Guide your child to hold one hand on each side of the device, or play alongside them!
  • Once you see Robin appear on your screen, go ahead and tap the yellow "hint" that appears above her.
  • Try moving the camera around slowly – Robin will follow you wherever you go!
  • Have the Jinja's House playset? Hover the Magic Camera over it to discover dozens of animated surprises!

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