Why is World crashing/freezing on my device?

We're really sorry this is happening for you! Crashes & freezes sometimes happen, and they always suck.

First off, we’d recommend uninstalling and reinstalling World to see if that resolves your issues. You can tap ‘Restore subscription’ once you reinstall to access your subscription again

If you continue to experience issues  with the app on your device, we'd love to try and get it fixed for you. Send us an email at worldsupport@sagomini.com with the following information, which will help us hunt down the problem as quickly as possible.

  • Which mobile device are you currently using?
  • What is the current OS (operating system) installed on that device? (You can find the answers to both these questions by entering your "Settings" app, then tap "General", then tap "About")
  • Which version of the app are you currently running? (You can check this by opening the World app, and holding 3 fingers down on the main menu screen. A grey bar should appear at the top showing the iOS number.)
  • Is there any game that's causing the app to crash regularly?

We’ll do our best to respond within a few days – however, we are a small team with a high-volume of support requests! Thank you so much for your patience, and for helping us squash bugs.

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