What’s the difference between Sago Mini World, Sago Mini School, Sago Mini First Words, Toca Boca Jr and Toca Boca Hair Salon 4?

Sago Mini World is a collection of fun, open-ended games for preschoolers that develop creativity and storytelling through play.

Sago Mini School features kid-approved topics that help little ones aged 2-5 build math, literacy, and science skills.

Sago Mini First Words helps children build vocabulary, improve enunciation, and strengthen communication skills with educational learning games.

Toca Boca Jr brings six of Toca Boca’s much-loved games for kids all together in one app! Perfect for ages 3-6, Toca Boca Jr is full of fun ways to play, create, explore and more!

Toca Boca Hair Salon 4 by Toca Boca and offered through Sago Mini, is intended for the 3-6 age range and provides access to 20 characters and four style stations to play and explore style expression.

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